“Helping Students Chase Their College Dreams”

This is our core philosophy at Velocity Baseball & Softball in a nutshell. We exist as a service to students who want to better themselves physically, mentally, and have a desire to play at a higher level.

Our programs are designed to develop players at each age or league level to prepare them for each transition, from t-ball to little league, modified softball to windmill, middle school to high school, and high school to college.  Located in Howard, Wisconsin, we serve mainly the Northeast Wisconsin area but also have had kids travel as far as 2-3 hours for our training/lessons.  Velocity has been very successful in helping athletes develop off season plans and goals that get them where they want to be.

Our services range from Travel Ball Teams, Training Programs, Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Fielding and Recruitment.  At Velocity Baseball & Softball, we partner and collaborate at all levels, and customize training plans so they match up with the goals of the athlete. You give us a humble hard working student, and we will make them better! We are proud of our college athletes, but we don’t believe in owning them, or taking credit for their hard work. We believe this recognition belongs with the athlete, and the parents who support them. Without a partnership with the Athlete, Parent, and our Facility, their success would not be attainable. If this resonates with you, then we are the right facility for you!


Nate was in the 8 and 16 week athletic pitcher training sessions as well as trained and played with the Velocity 2023 travel team.  Training with Velocity has taught Nate how to train for functional movement and how to move his body properly.  Nate has steadily developed his pitching mechanics and increased his velocity since 2020.  Nate has also received support and guidance from Jack in college recruiting.    As of 04/2023 Nate is throwing Top FB – 90, FB 86-88, CH – 75, SL, 72, CB 68 and Nate is committed to attend and play at Winona State starting Fall 2023.

Winona State

Michael Vela, Father of Nate Vela

Being surrounded by like-minded and focused athletes creates a consistent and positive environment for baseball and softball players to reach their full potential.  Our daughter is a junior in high school and has verbally committed to play softball at Division 1, University of Northern Iowa. 

Northern Iowa

Chris and Billi Vertz, Parents of Morgan Vertz

Velocity has helped shape Theo into the player and person he is today. His junior off-season he came into velocity hoping to better did mechanics and gain some velocity. Theo went from sitting 85-87 and topping 88 to sitting 88-91 topping 92. More importantly, he learned the mental aspects that pitching offers and how it can change how you pitch. I recommend velocity to anyone who wants to play competitively at the next level.


Ted Zeidler, Father of Theo Zeidler

Jake began going to Velocity when he was a sophomore to improve both mechanically and mentally. They have helped him improve dramatically as a hitter as well as refining his pitching. The staff there also taught him that there are many ups and downs associated with the game and how to manage that. Working with Jack, Ben, and the rest of the Velocity staff has helped shaped the baseball player and the person he is today.

Parkside Rangers

Dan and Michelle Lucas, Parents of Jake Lucas

The staff at Velocity helped my son Joe improve his hitting drastically. They stuck with him through the ups and the downs to help him achieve his goal of playing college baseball, which he will be attending McHenry County College in IL. He always loved the energetic atmosphere that can always be found at the facility. He also raves about how the coaches push people to be their best. If you want to achieve your baseball goals Velocity is the place to be!

McHenry County College

Joe and Ann Fischer, Parents of Joe Fischer
Christian started going to Velocity when he was a freshman to improve his mechanics for pitching and hitting.  Velocity has been a big part of the success in his high school career. They’ve taught him the mental part of the game is as important as the physical part. Working with Jack and the staff at Velocity has brought his game to the next level. He’s improved his exit velocity to 99.3 mph and his off the mound velocity to 85 mph.   We would highly recommend Velocity if you want your athlete to train to the next level.
Janet Counard, Mother of Christian Counard
Our son Grant has worked with Velocity since the inception of the program training and traveling baseball.  Jack & Ben have been instrumental in Grant’s personal and baseball development as a catcher and have had a huge influence on who he is today.  We would highly recommend Velocity to anyone looking for a well connected, committed and innovative program.
Dan and Laura Gill, Parents of Grant Gill

Payton was part of the Velocity program for three seasons. Jack and his staff played a large role in making Payton the multi-tooled player he is today. Playing both fall and summer ball helped him have success against top level talent. The winter training program was very beneficial in making Payton stronger and faster. The off season training also helped him excel in football and basketball alike.

Velocity gave Payton the opportunity to see that he could play at the next level.  The three years at Velocity helped push Payton to reach his full potential in a competitive atmosphere. Payton has improved in all facets of the game and plays with great confidence. Jack was also very instrumental in helping Payton in the college recruiting process.

Velocity has also given Payton a chance to play with kids from outside of Kewaunee. He came to the program not knowing any of the athletes and left with lifelong friends.
I would highly recommend Velocity to anyone who loves baseball and wants to chase their college dreams.

Winona State

Matt and Elizabeth Kohnle, Parents of Payton Kohnle

I came to Velocity in the fall of 2021 to gain velocity and clean up my mechanics to make them as efficient as possible. Velocity helped me learn more about my mechanics and things I need to work on to become the best pitcher I can possibly be. They have lots of tools to help with things like pitch design, spin efficiency, and using the lower half correctly. Jack helped me develop better throwing habits that transfer to higher velocity and will keep my arm healthy. I would recommend Velocity to anyone trying to tap into their potential and become a better baseball player.

Quinn Falish, De Pere High School and GRB Rays

Velocity has helped Logan grow into the player and person he is today. Working with Jack the last 2 years has not only increased his velocity but it taught him much more about the mental side of pitching and the game. The training pushes players to reach their full potential in a competitive environment where they grow in strength and confidence. They were also a great resource for Logan during the recruiting process, I would definitely recommend Velocity to anyone who aspires to play at the next level.

Dan Frank, Father of Logan Frank

Our daughter is in her second year working with Mike and the rest of the staff at Velocity. We are extremely pleased with the quality of instruction Velocity provides to Riley while enhancing her strength, endurance and overall confidence. Our experience at Velocity has been extremely positive and in the past year and a half Riley’s PR on her fastball has increased from 63mph to 68mph. We look forward to continuing our time with Velocity to see how far Riley’s potential can take her.


Tom and Nikki Grudzielanek, Parents of Riley Grudielanek

During an odd covid year, I came to velocity to find a place to work out in preparation for my senior year. Jack helped me gain and maintain velocity as well as understand my ability to be a pitcher within the game. He helped me sit from the mid to upper 80s to maintain velocity into the low 90s and using my abilities as best as possible, I would recommend Velocity to anyone trying to further their game in baseball.


Thoma Ellisen, UCONN Baseball

Velocity has helped Caden develop into the pitcher he is today from both the mental and physical aspects. Last spring he was sitting 80-83 and now is sitting 89-90 topping at 93. Caden also learned the art of pitching with Jack and became a better pitcher because of it. If you’re looking to get to the next level, Velocity is the place to be.

Mark Capomaccio, Father of Caden Capomaccio

Velocity Performance Training transformed how I viewed the game of baseball and how I trained for it. I was introduced to the 16 week throwing velocity program my sophomore year. The program taught me more than just increasing numbers, it taught how to increase numbers safely through arm care, how to be more athletic, and most importantly it taught discipline. The facility and training tools Velocity provides gave me every opportunity I needed to improve whenever I wanted. From the beginning of my sophomore year to the end of it, I went from 80-83 mph up to 86-89 mph. Definitely a program and facility I would recommend doing your training through if you want to reach your full potential in an encouraging and electric environment.

St. Thomas

Carl Cano, Bay Port High School and St. Thomas Baseball

In high school, I was a kid who was barley touching 70 as a freshman. After my freshman year, I had a dream that I was going to play college baseball. I went to Velocity for the next 3 years during my high school career and was apart of their APP Pitching Program as well as doing private lessons. I started going more and I started to see a lot more improvements. Velocity helped me fix my mechanics, gain weight and get me to the velocity I needed to be at. My senior year came around and I was sitting 82-86. After the high school season was done I was serious about gaining velocity, and I wanted to hit 90 during my freshman year in college. I was able to work with Velocity that summer as well as during Christmas break when i was in college. When spring came around my freshman year, I was able to have a starting role while also sitting 88-90 and touching 91. If there is anyone to help you get you where you want to go and you are willing to put the work and effort in, Velocity is the place to go.

San Diego Padres

Cole Paplham, San Diego Padres Organization




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