Age: 13U-18U

2024 Dates and Times TBD

Cost: $400

Max Class Size: 12

Information: Velocity Baseball and Softball is offering a fall program for players looking to strengthen their arms before the off-season begins. This program can be beneficial for any players including pitchers, infielders, outfielders, and catchers. 

Our fall program is going to be based off our winter Athletic Pitcher Program which was adopted from Ron Wolforth at the Texas Baseball Ranch. We will be offering a 2-hour workout that extensively works on developing our players and increasing arm strength. Students who have done the winter program in the past have seen velocity improvements anywhere from 3-10 MPH.

Our Program will begin with a wake-up warm up that is going to get all the muscles activated as well as improve overall flexibility, followed by band strengthening work that is going to target shoulder stabilization as well as the elbow and scaps. Throughout the rest of the workout we will target the student’s bodies by using medicine balls, weighted balls, sled pulls/pushes, forearm strengthening, explosive movements, and circuit work. At the end of the workout there is always a recovery phase for the athletes.

This program has been very successful for us and wanted to offer the program for students in the fall looking improve their arm strength as well as overall baseball strength. We create a very competitive environment for the students to work in, which is one of the big reasons why this program is so successful.

Contact Jack Collins at Jack_Collins@trainwithvelocity.com or 920-660-2016 if you have any questions.

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