Age: 11U-18U

Dates: 4/1/24 – 5/20/24 (8 week class) *Monday Night

Dates: 4/3/24 – 5/22/24 (8 week class) *Wednesday Night

Dates: 4/7/24 – 5/26/24 (8 week class) *Sunday Night

Times: 4-5 PM, 5-6 PM, 6-7 PM, or 7-8 PM

Cost: $240

Max Class Size: 5

These 8-week group pitching classes will be small groups of 4-5 kids. There will be a ton of 1 on 1 time with an instructor during these classes. During the 8 weeks we will go in depth on arm care, weighted balls, core velocity belt, pitching mechanics, sequencing pitches, Rapsodo and the mental game of pitching. If your looking to become a better pitcher this is the class for you. Only $30 a week!

Jack Collins will be the instructor for this class.

Players should bring a glove and tennis shoes for this program.

Contact Jack Collins at Jack_Collins@trainwithvelocity.com or 920-660-2016 if you have any questions.

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