Age: 14U- College 

Dates: 6/10/24 – 7/22/24 (7 week class) *Monday

Dates: 6/11/24 – 7/23/24 (7 week class) *Tuesday

Dates: 6/12/24 – 7/24/24 (7 week class) *Wednesday

Times: 12:30-2 PM (Monday)

9-10:30 AM, 10:30 AM-12 PM (Tuesday/Wednesday)

Cost: $350

Max Class Size: 6

Summer Workoutz with Wagz

New this year, the top hitting instructor in Northeast Wisconsin Coach Paul Wagner will be offering an advanced summer 7 week hitting session. The class will include hitting instruction, med ball strength training as well as a full body workout. Class duration will be an hour and a half.

The Purpose of these classes is to stay in tune with core strength, hitting mechanics and include a full body workout.  Recommended once or twice a week but make sure there is a day of rest in between.

Open to Baseball and Softball Athletes

This Class will be 7 Weeks of hitting instruction 1 and a half hours per week. Lots of one on one time and a great way to improve your swing as well as stay mechanically sound throughout the summer season.

Players should bring a helmet, batting gloves, and a bat for this program.

Contact Jack Collins at or 920-660-2016 if you have any questions.

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