Age: 13U-18U

Who: Baseball and Softball Pitchers or Position Players

Dates: December-Mid March

Exact 2024/2025 Dates and Times TBD

Cost: $800

Max Class Size: 17

Info: Velocity Baseball and Softball is again offering their well known and respected 16-week Athletic Pitching/Position Player Program this Winter/Off-Season. 

We have had a ton of success with this program in years past. On average you can expect anywhere from 5-10 MPH increase in your son or daughter’s throwing velocity. It depends on how hard the individual works. One student last year saw an 11 mph improvement and 20 mph in two years! Although this is important it is not the end goal of our program. We are trying to develop elite throwers at all levels of play, and the mental side of the game will be stressed each week.

There have been over 100 former athletes involved in this program who have gone on to play at the collegiate or professional level.

The Athletic Pitching/Position Player Program is designed to work on strengthening all of the core muscle groups that are used to throw. Special attention is put on the deceleration side of the muscle groups. By strengthening these muscles their arms will be protected from injury. This is priority number one of our program. As a secondary they will be a significant increase in velocity. The workouts are two hours long and are very grueling.  Their body types will dramatically change in the 16 weeks.  These classes teach proper mechanics as well as proper arm care, and lower half advanced movements.  There will be a limited amount per class and limited classes available.

Players should bring a helmet, batting gloves, and a bat for this program.

Contact Jack Collins at or 920-660-2016 if you have any questions.

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